Executive Coaching Services

by Simon Ashley on April 4, 2010

What is an Executive Coaching Service?

An executive coaching service provides professional coaching to maximize performance in the workplace. Workplace coaching is a solution focused, result oriented process and involves an external workplace coach.

It is a great way to attain a certain work behavior that will improve leadership, teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, goal setting and planning.

It can involve one to one coaching of employees or groups of employees with the contribution of the employee’s manager and HR. It entails a mixture of counseling, clinical and organizational psychology.

How Can an Executive Coaching help me?

They can help you identify problems that may be holding you back from performing at your best. It can help you develop personal and interpersonal skill.

At the personal level it can help you learn and develop personal abilities such as self awareness – how do others perceive you and how do you perceive yourself. This will help you identify and correct unhelpful behavioral traits or thoughts that could be limiting performance or leading to conflicts.

Self management – learning how to deal with stress, learning from the feedback of others, time management and goal setting. They should also help you develop better working habits that that result in greater job satisfaction and higher self motivation.

Behavioral abilities are not innate talents and are typically learned through life experiences. You may have excellent technical expertise but may not have been taught these important personal and interpersonal skills. Most people make do with what they have learned randomly through experience rather then what has been demonstrated to work best. Improving your abilities in these areas can dramatically enhance your performance and job satisfaction.

What will an Executive Coaching Course Involve?

The first stage will be an in depth interview to identify any problems, what you hope to achieve at the end of the coaching and identify the obstacles in your way.

A professional consultant will not lecture or tell you what to do. They are there to listen and provide advice and help you to adopt effective work habits, assist you in developing your abilities while helping you to develop the right thinking and behavior that maximizes work place performance. They should empower you by helping you to identify problems and find solutions yourself. Often just having someone to listen and talk to helps you unleash your own problem solving skills and creativity.

Executive Coaches should provide positive support and feedback while offering occasional advice to an executive in order to help them recognize ways in which they can improve their own performance in their organization.

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